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So stoopid you get mocked? Go back to scohol.

Summary: 'School' indication printed on street misspelled.

more sweet than stupid?
Remembering MJ, I thought of something that happened circa 1992. Saturday Night Live was parodying 'Black or White' from Michael Jackson with a song called 'Am I Black or White?' My little brother was almost 10 at the time, and spent the whole segment staring at the TV in deep concentration. After the song ended, he turned to us indignantly and declared, 'That song is making fun of black people!'

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This is just a note to say that while mock_the_stupid seems to be up and running again, this comm is going to remain open. Anyone who wants to post here will still be able to, and posts should be approved within a couple of days, maximum.

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I recently started using the NuvaRing method of birth control. For those who don't know what it is, its a little plastic ring you put in your...lady parts. Kinda like a small live-strong bracelet that releases the same hormone dosage as the pill.

While reading the instructions, I came across the following:

"Rarely, some women have inserted the ring into the bladder by mistake. Do not insert the ring into your bladder. Insert the ring into the vagina.

Um...what? And OW!

This is on the official NuvaRing instructions, which means they wouldn't have put it there unless it was obviously a common problem.

How in the hell are these people managing to jam a small plastic bracelet type object, not just into their urethra, but their BLADDER? D:

Oh, Miss Panama! :P
'Miss Panama 2009 - Giosue Cozzarelli's Thoughts On Confucius' on YouTube is another case of pageant beauties fulfilling the stereotype of being dumb.

She starts off by reading a quote she's drawn at random, 'learning without thought is labor lost.'

Rather than comment on (or even just explain) the quote, she wants to tell us a little about Confucius.

'Good evening Panama! Confucius... was one of whom invented confusion, and that's why... ehh.... One of the most ancient, he was one of the Chinese Japanese who were one of the most ancient. Thank you!'

She also only used half her time, which is a big no-no in public speaking competitions.

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Here's one to start off the new Mock the Stupid!

I deal with this every single day of my life, so I'm not sure how jaw-droppingly funny it is, but here goes: a conversation had with the parent of one of our patients.

Me: *about an overweight 13-year-old boy* He really needs to exercise more and eat healthier food.
His mom: I know, it's just, all he does is sit in front of the computer all day...
Me: So take the computer away.
His mom: ......I can do that?

Yes, ma'am. Yes, you can. It's this little thing called "parenting". Try it!

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A few months ago, my husband and I were driving around town, and we saw a lot of preparation. 'Oh, this coming Tuesday must be Mardi Gras!' I exclaimed.

From my husband, who claims to be fluent in French and lived in France for a while: 'No, that's on Monday.'

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Welcome to the second incarnation of Mock the Stupid! I created this community because the first mock_the_stupid got abandoned and we all need some place to mock idiots. So, you guys know the drill by now, and the rules are pretty much the same as before. You can email me at kalisama@gmail.com if you need to talk, but please DO NOT go to my journal.



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